How to Find (and Land!) Cool Fashion Internships

Carmen Belcher

It’s that time of year again when the school year rolls into the third quarter and you begin to think of your summer plans. Depending on your goals, some of you will diligently start searching for your next summer internship. But why just secure one that’ll satisfy your professors for a mandatory credit? Have you realized you can actually land an internship at an amazing company that not only pays but can also be fun? That’s right! I found my summer internships at InStyle magazine and Maxim magazine pre-social media days and these days it is even easier to find exactly the internship that will satisfy all of your needs.
1. Brand Yourself
The first thing you should do is have something unique about you that stands out. You will be writing a cover letter and/or bio of yourself for the application and standing out is always an attribute. What makes you special? Did you win any awards? Have you spent your summer vacations overseas leaving about a new culture? Have you dedicated your time helping those in need for a worthy cause? Does your family have a family business which taught you the value of hard work? Or, do you write articles for a blog or a local newspaper in your city?
If you’ve got, it flaunt it! Accentuate what makes you different than the hundreds of other applicants applying for the same internship.
2. Assist Yourself
Gather your paperwork. Have your transcripts, teacher recommendations, and applications proofread for grammar and other mistakes and neatly filed. Make sure you set your calendars for the application deadlines.
3. CEO Yourself
Think about your goals. What interests you the most about fashion? This will direct you towards which type of companies you should seek out. The power is in your hands because almost everyone who works in fashion is offering internships to current students, either in exchange for college credits or money. So you could work for an individual, like a makeup artist or wardrobe stylist, in the fashion closet of your favorite magazine, as a fashion photo assistant on location, or for a PR company that runs the behind the scenes for NYFW.
Really think about what you can contribute and where you would be the best fit. There’s nothing worse than having an internship you end up hating because you aren’t learning things that are really interested in.
4. Market Yourself
Here are some ideas for starting your internship search:
ED2010 is for those who want to work in publishing and lists internships and jobs in the fashion industry.
Other online websites such as Fashion Workie or Free Fashion Internships also list fashion internships.
Also, go to the careers section of your favorite fashion brand, such as Alexander Wang, where internships can be found on the company website.
Instagram is great to use to find internships with your favorite creative. Some internships nowadays are listed directly on Instagram, or even take place on Instagram and other social media network as remote internships. Follow, Comment, and DM the designers your resume directly and see what happens.
Also, fashion recruiters are a great resource not only for jobs but for internships at amazing fashion companies. Create a profile with 24 Seven Talent or Atrium Staffing. Next, you will be invited to meet with a recruiter who will get to know you, in person, so s/he will know exactly which client to place you. S/he will walk you through cleaning up your resume to tailor it to the specific company you are meeting with.
5. Love Yourself
As you get into the fourth quarter of your school year your mind will be focused on finals. It’s around that time you will likely start getting responses from the companies you’ve sought out. Good luck! As long as you did not miss your deadlines and really thought about who you are and what you have to offer, you will be on your way to the internship best for you.
Congratulations, you did it! Now get to work.


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