Girls, Girls, Girls

Carmen Belcher

Dresscode: 2000’s bad bitch. Don’t forget your thong, th-th thong.

Performances by: Sisqo & Trina


It’s NYFW and I may have just gotten the best invite ever! I’m going crazy. I already know what I’m wearing, thanks to my Christian Dior bathing suit top I’ve had since 2002. Naturally I went to Youtube for inspiration from all of the R&b singers I loved and saw Beyonce wearing a top from the same collection. Since I no longer have any jersey dresses, I’ll build my look around skin and designer logos. I am so excited! If you’re attending Prince and Jacob’s party tonight, I will post a few look ideas. Let’s go!


Navigating Catty Behavior in the Workplace: What to Expect and How to Avoid the Mean Girls

Carmen Belcher

There are very few things that occur in the workplace that destroy an individual’s sense of belonging and general harmony more than catty behavior.  In general terms, Catty behavior may be defined  as mean-spirited nastiness intended to hurt or harm another individual’s professional or emotional well-being. While I recognize that men may very well be involved in similar behaviors, it has been my own personal experience to believe that women are more versed and better equipped to evoke these behaviors on a regular basis.

As if my intuition weren’t enough, according to a nationwide poll by the Employment Law Alliance, 45 percent of American workers say they have experienced workplace abuse. Under closer review, 40 percent of the tormentors that are women tend to prey on other women 70 percent of the time. I think this speaks to the overwhelming number of women in the workplace that have experienced or even…

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Enter to win a free African Ancestery test kit, and more!

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As we close Black History month I want to share with you my thoughts on 

I was first introduced to the concept of tracing your own dna from the actor Isaiah Washington in 2011. At the time, he was an avid spokesperson for the company and even wrote about the life changing experience in his memoir, A Man From Another Land. 

I have been eager to trace my dna ever since and I finally bought a kit for myself this past Christmas! At the moment I am still waiting on my results. I cannot wait to know exactly where my ancesters came from after meeting so many beautiful people from different parts of Africa here in New York City.

The atrocities of Slavery and the outright biases of the American school system has erased or altered many rements of African-American history, but now we may begin to find clues to who we are through research.

Curious too? Enter to win your very own kit and much more from African Ancestery.