By Chloe vegan in Flatiron is literally the bomb: New York bomb attack injures 29 (not including me or Milton)

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Tasteless jokes aside, last night my boyfriend and I were lucky to make it to By Chloe on 60 West 22nd Street in flatiron about 15 minutes before a bomb exploded a block away. He wanted to try something different for dinner, instead of ordering in, and I didn’t want to stray too far from our new vegan diet. I suggested we try By Chloe, a vegan burger restaurant I discovered on Instagram through @fashionablyfit. We chose the one in Chelsea from fear the Soho location would be packed on a Saturday night.

As we got off the train on 23rd street we walked south in search of the hotspot, (these adjectives are accidentally so cliché.) A group of excited little girls in various party dresses were loudly telling their mom how much fun they just had at a birthday party they attended. Aw, babies who brunch! Their pink paper gift bags in hand were probably stuffed with Barbie dolls — or iPad cases? What do metropolitan 8 year olds play with these days anyways? As we walked behind them I thought aloud how I could definitely gel into a cool mom who has multiple talkative daughters, like these, with abundant social lives. My boyfriend gave me a look that basically said politely, “Shut the fuck up.”

The giggling girls spotted By Chloe before we had. As they began gushing to their mommy chaperone about the various legendary cupcakes which won Chef Chloe first place in the television show Cupcake Wars, I thought oh hell naw we gotta get in line before they do. I put the kind of mph on my pace beta males do when they spot a lady searching for a seat on the train. You know the pettiness in their demeanor when they slide their weaselly bodies into the last available seat and with a false sense of accomplishment because they’re actually lame and this move proves it. That was me. Cute kids and all, I was on the verge of becoming hungry while wearing my favorite Givenchy FW 2013 runway boots. I needed several seats.

Once inside, we were relieved to find there wasn’t a line at all despite the place being packed. Perfect timing, we thought as we eyed the menu. We both ordered a classic hamburger and two Found cucumber and mint bottle waters. We decided to split a half and half fry combo (sweet potato and regular friends mixed together) and I ordered self-indulgent cinnamon bun.

As we approached our table we heard the BOOM! The window shook and the entire restaurant naturally turned and looked at us. I hate being the center of attention so embarrassed, I turned to my boyfriend and ask what was that in an accusatory manner. Perhaps he’d accidentally kicked the table, I don’t know. But then we all felt the blast. Growing up in Missouri I’ve been through earthquakes. The ground shook beneath us! Construction was going on around the corner so I thought nothing of it, excited to try my food. But a pack of 12 curious diners got up and ran out the door in unison to see the commotion. What the hell.

A girl dining next to us turned to me and asked, “do you think we’ll be ok?”

“Yeah, sure,” I replied, though unsure myself.

“Okay,” she said to her friend, “she said we’ll be ok so we’ll be ok.”

Strangely other diners nodded in agreement and went back to eating. I felt like Caty Heron in Mean Girls when she becomes the queen bee over Regina George and her clique couldn’t think for themselves.

“I love your makeup,” another girl says on the opposite side of me. “Are you two models?” She asked as I stuffed my face with a cinnamon, hoping it was gluten-free.

“Not at all.”

This exchange was probably the funniest part of the meal because huh? I’m thin but not that skinny and I’m eating this huge ass pastry, burger, and fries. Now I felt like Mariah must feel when her wardrobe stylist lies to her face about how great her body looks right now so she keeps eating carbs. Sorry Mimi.

I caught an emancipated girl staring at me across the room with evil eyes that said she gave up refined sugar a long time ago, so why are you eating that?

Once we left, police cars were everywhere and a “Ghetto bird” aka news helicopters were flying above. The journalist in me had to see what the hell was going on, but far away from the actual scene of the crime. I’m a blogger now, not a journalist. No one is paying me to be on a crime beat. Instead I beat my feet down the pavement in the opposite direction and googled “bomb in Chelsea.” Here’s what I found:

New York bomb attack injures 29.








This Christmas

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Long gone are the days of anxiously waiting up until the crack of dawn to finally open Christmas presents from “Santa.” As an adult, we can open our gifts as soon as the clock strikes midnight and then sleep until the afternoon! But seriously, Christmas in NYC was strange this year. Climate changes made it an unusually warm day with no snow in sight.  Ice skating at Prospect Park seemed out of season so we opted out. We didn’t even have a tree! As I write, I find it amusing that I am complaining about the weather not being impossibly cold, but it’s just what I’m used to in December — after all, I grew up in Missouri. And yes, it snows there…

Sometimes it’s the rituals leading up to an event that make the day special. For me, getting ready for a party while spending hours on my hair and makeup make the night out feel super grand. Is that weird? Had I become the Grinch who stole Christmas? I felt a bit unprepared and underwhelmed.

Maybe it’s silly, but this Christmas helped solidify how serious global climate change is in our world. Head over to for regular updates on Climate Change and Global Warming.

And if you wonder what I gave and what I received for Christmas, stay tuned! (Or you should have followed my Snapchat: @CarmenBelcher) 🙂

My Helmut Lang SS 2013 dress

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I almost passed over this dress when I saw it on the sale rack at Barneys New York Brooklyn location last year but I am so glad I tried it on. I had to buy it! It’s beautiful by itself on a warm breezy day but even cooler when I wear it layered under my David Bowie graphic t-shirt and on-top of my J-brand black neoprene pants in the freezing NYC winter. Love this piece!

Below I styled it sporty, for a test shoot with Ford models, by pairing silver bangles I bought on the street in soho and a fresh pair of retro Charles Barkley Nike CB94 high top basketball shoes, a last minute genius idea my uber stylish boyfriend Milton Campbell gave me.




#AboutLastNight : #Fashionbombdaily fashion week party hosted by #TalibKwali

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In the midst of the snowstorm, Milton and I decided to step out in support of Claire Sulmers and her popular fashion blog Held at the nightclub Mr.H in the Mondarian hotel in SoHo, the music was better than ever thanks to rapper Talib Kwali taking over the turntables. There I met the instamous (infamous + Instagram) stylists @JayStrut and @caitlynmi of CM Styling Co. We bonded over twerking, politeness, and fur. Follow me on Instagram @CarmenBelcher


Stores We Love(ed): Loehmann’s bankruptcy

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As some of you may know
Loehmann’s department store has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and
is closing all store locations. This is one of many designer
discounted bargain meccas that has fallen victim to high-end
department stores, online retailers, and direct fashion houses
massive sales which have beat specialty retail chains like Daffy’s,
Filene’s Basement, and now Loehmann’s into the ground. I must say,
Loehmann’s was my favorite. It was where I always did my
“back-to-school” shopping throughout the years scoring all of my
favorite pieces such as my orange python Dolce & Gabbana
clutch with metal hardware and my Celine platform heels, both which
were straight off the runway and purchased for under $500! Until
last year I realized I could score major designer brands for better
discounts (and in better condition) at Barney’s New York in store
on a third markdown (75% off) and Barney’s Warehouse sale events
where merchandise is even lower priced. Last night after our
weeklyThai dinner at Qi on 14th street my boyfriend, Milton,
suggested we go check out Loehmann’s closeout sale, hoping to score
big. We were saddened to see all of the great pieces (like the Dior
Homme pieces he loved) were already snagged by the saavy 16th
street locations regulars. What was left was mediocre at best. If
you are a large male size 46 and over or a size 25 female, you are
in luck for suits and casual wear, if you don’t mind digging
through the fluff. Blue tag items are an additional 50 % off the
suggested price bringing some items, such as a pair of Theykens
Theory blue velvet trousers, down to $40! I can work with that.
Adios Loehmann’s. Below are a few of my favorite pieces bought