Racks on Racks on Racks: fashion editor Sydne Bolden-Long

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InStyle magazine editor and celebrity stylist Sydne Bolden-Long

The summer of 2004 set the precedent for my career in fashion.  As an upcoming junior at Hampton University I was hired as a paid Time Inc. summer intern working at InStyle magazine within the prestigious FASHION CLOSET! I couldn’t believe it; I would see the behind-the-scenes happenings of one of my favorite glossies while living in New York City, far away from Mid-Rivers mall in Missouri, and even have a little  spending money (strong emphases on ‘little’.) I was blessed to work under Sydne Bolden, the chic and delightful contributing editor of the popular column “Instant Style,” a piece-by-piece guide to dressing for any occasion featuring current season essentials, inspired by the runways but translated into an affordable collection giving readers their very own personal fashion stylist.


     Ms.Bolden (now married) shared that she also attended Hampton University but quickly transferred to another HBCU shortly after. She taught me a lot and complemented my work ethic often, understanding exactly what it was like once being an eager 19-year-old African-American fashionista who wanted to make something of herself in the big city. I was sad when my internship was over, but was happy to see Mrs. Bolden-Long featured recently in the following StyleBlazer.com video where she shares in depth how she made it in the world of fashion journalism. She’s simply amazing, inside and out!

DressCode Degree: NBA Player Hakim Warrick’s Retail Management Degree from Syracuse

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Hakim Warrick holds a Retail Management Degree from Syracuse University

Turns out basketball isn’t the only competitive industry for which Phoenix Suns NBA player Hakim Warrick understands the fundamentals to succeed– he’s also trained with the unique knowledge of sales and strategic partnerships to run his own national and international corporation and/or organization. Warrick graduated from Syracuse University in 2005 earning a degree in retail management and consumer studies from the Whitman School of Management before he entered into the NBA.  After seeing a sketch of a dress he made for fun playing the Project Runway Fashion Design Challenge SketchBook Set with his family, my curiosity lead me to feature Warrick on DressCode Deluxe Dispatch.

"Dress I designed playin project runway w/ Lil Sis & mom duke," Hakim Warrick shared with friends via his personal Facebook page.

“I knew that I wanted to someday own or run my own business so I figured this would be a good field for me,” said Warrick on why he pursued the field of retail management. 
Having never worked a “regular” job, other than interning in the campus bookstore while in college, his entrepreneurial desires are daring.  But he hopes to use his degree when the economy recovers, possibly opening franchises and managing a store of his own.
Warrick, one of the only NBA players of his generation with zero tattoos or piercings, is distinguishable on the court for his headband, beard, and elbow sleeve.
“I hurt my elbow a couple of years ago and had 2 wear the elbow sleeve that I’ve been wearing the last couple of years. Got used to wearing it so I guess u can say that my elbow sleeve is [a game day uniform superstition].”
So where does a reported 6’9, 219 pound man find his clothing? “I used to have to go to a big and tall store, but now that the fitted look is in I’ve been able to shop at stores like Saks, Barneys, and Burberry.”

Draft Day. Warrick owns several custom-made suits.

Laid-back and low-key, Warrick says a decent pair of denim and a nice pair of shoes is how he defines his personal DressCode. And as for women, “I know the 1st thing that really stands out for me when it comes to women’s wear is her shoes, so I guess right now I would have to say Christian Louboutin (is his favorite designer for women.)”

Warrick's favorite denim line is 7 For All Mankind for fit. Here his shoes are by Prada.